Dear Universe

An open letter to the Universe:

Dear Universe (or Life or whatever you would like to be addressed as),

I commend you on your tenacity…your many and varied attempts to break me are impressive and you continue to surprise and shock me even as I think I’ve seen it all. Granted, I have only had 42 years to try to decipher whether or not your intention is to find a way to make me tap out of this journey or whether I , like everyone else, is simply here for your amusement and enjoyment… but, 42 years is long enough for me to have garnered some information…

Admittedly, there have been a few occasions where it has looked like you won and I have come close to conceding defeat. Yet, no matter how many times or how long they have lasted; my track record for beating bad days is pretty damn good (that means btw, that I haven’t actually given up ever).

I have never been one to play the games that require great skill at cunning and strategy. Luck has eluded me as well – I find it’s fickleness and uncertainty to be unpleasant to my taste for reason and understanding. I prefer the strength and clarity that comes with knowing not only what I’m up against… but more importantly… what I bring to the table.

So, thank you for showing me what I’m made of and what’s inside of me that I have to fight with. Having seen that sometimes I do slide a bit and falter when I’m pushed; I also see that I always find my grip and dig in and I hold on – without fail. I have simply to say to you today…

You have no idea what I’m capable of and what I can handle… But I do now. Regardless of what comes next… challenge accepted, and I won’t lose.

Me, my Self and I

and P.S. your sense of humour sucks at times.


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