fernweh (pronunciation: FEIRN-veyh) – (n): an ache for distant places; the craving for travel

Sitting on the ferry the other day, watching a cargo ship cross our path and move along in a different direction. My eyes scan the horizon and think of what it would be like to be on that ship. I wonder to myself where it’s going and what the lives are like of the people on the ship.

It brings me to thinking of my own life. How I’ve always wanted to travel and see places and experience what a day in the life is like in other countries and cultures.

What’s it like to wake up in a courtyard bedroom in a village that has streets too narrow for trucks…How it feels and smells and tastes to eat a meal at a pub old enough to have stood before electricity and running water…To walk the halls of a castle and touch rock walls that have been there for hundreds of years before me and will stand long after I’m gone…To doze in the hot sun on a beach and listen to the sound of waves lapping on a different shore…to eat food that is not only foreign to me but that I can’t find back at “home”…

A wanderlust that only gets stronger as the years pass. A yearning to be elsewhere… To taste and touch and see and smell and live “OTHER” than what I have known and what I call home. To be able to drink in sights and sensations far from my place on this planet. To have my spirit find the energy that is flowing in places it has never been…

To know what it is to be going home after having known “away” … yearning for that.

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