FOI, Surprise

An interesting and surprising turn of events happened yesterday. I opened my mailbox to discover a letter from the offices of the Information Access Operations (essentially the Freedom of Information division). Now as some of you know, I have had less than stellar results at my attempts to access my sons records while he was under the care of the Child and Youth Mental Health Services.

After my recent request was denied and my file was permanently closed I did manage to speak with a representative both here in Victoria (by phone) and had an in-person meeting with a representative from the actual office where Willie had been treated (in Port Moody). The in-person meeting was ineffective and nothing came of it. I was again told that I would no be given access to records and that was the end of it basically. The phone call was slightly more promising as I was instructed that my best option was to submit a brand new request, citing a different reason for the request. She explained that if I just appealed the decision on the first it would result in the same denial.

So, I did that. I submitted a new request and this one was no holds barred. I stated my reason not as a nicely worded need for closure and to review etc but that I was concerned about a lack of adequate and appropriate care and wanted the records in order to review them for potential negligence in his care by the Ministry. I seriously figured this would get tossed faster than anything else..

I have had no response – none – not even the standard “thank you, we received your request and are reviewing” and I assumed that it had been shredded unceremoniously.

Imagine my shock to open the mail yesterday, expecting to find a letter stating that my request was denied and instead I find instructions on who to contact to arrange an appointment to go pick up my records package for my son’s records. So off I go today to see what closure this can bring.


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