Grief, felt

Moments that sit in my mind with such clarity that the emotions that consume me when they come burn like flames that only grow hotter with time.

Visions that sting, tears searing my eyes.  My mind unable to push away the images that fill the expanse of its sight.

Reflections of times past that hurt worse than I ever imagined pain could.

My arms sore from wanting to hold him and touch him one more time. Hands that can’t forget how he felt when I said goodbye to him.

My very being aches to hear his voice again, to see his smirking smile or his laugh.

Missing him more every day that passes as the reality settles in that he’s gone.

Waking every day, that moment when truth sits heavy on my chest. Truth that life is altered and shattered, irreparable.

My sleep broken by nightmares…made worse because they’re memories and not make believe.

The lonely hours of the night punctuated by sleeplessness and tears, morning bringing another day of grief.


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