Life lessons in the moment

You know those rare moments when you say something and you immediately think in your head, “wow!”… I had a moment like that this weekend. I was out with my youngest son on Saturday, he was roller-blading and I was jogging along. He was a bit timid about going down the steep hills that kept coming up and I was helping him along with a hand to steady him and give him support – more emotional than physical really. He could do it, his technical skill was just fine; but his confidence was shaky. I don’t push and I let him hold my hand when he asked. I noticed though at one point that his gaze was firmly set on a spot almost right in front of his skates every time he was on approach to a decline.
Without a seconds hesitation I said to him “Look ahead where you want to go sweetie, not down at where you are”. It was that second that I knew that those were the words that I needed to not only hear but to understand and live with.  I went on to explain to him that his body couldn’t react and balance for upcoming turns and adjustments in the path if it didn’t see them coming. So he had to look ahead so his eyes could tell his brain what to tell his body was needed to get him through where he was … so that he could get to where he wanted to go.
It was such a struggle for him to take his eyes off the path right in front of him and to lift his head and stare ahead…to trust that if he looked where he wanted to go that his body would take care of itself. It comes down to trust quite simply and that is not easy to embrace, no matter what the subject or your age.  He finally did lift his head high and stare resolutely forward… and he succeeded, like I knew he could. He let go of my hand, bent his knees and set his gaze firmly on what lay ahead… he wobbled a bit, recovered, steadied himself and soared down that hill…and taught me a lesson in the process. That you can’t get where you want to go unless you look forward.


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