When I first knew you, it was as you within my body
Part of me, yet your own being
Your first kicks felt; a sign of your separateness and independence of me
Your movements growing stronger and more frequent; signifying the coming end of our physical bond
You were born strong and fierce, crying to announce your arrival and your place in the world
Your first resting place my belly, both inside and out; placed upon me to see you for the first time
I looked at you and wished you Happy Birthday, as I smiled, amazed yet again at the miracle
Feeding you, holding you close, sharing those moments of just you and I
Letting you go from that nurturing eventually, my tears so much more than yours at losing that
Watching you walk and run, moving more into being yourself, so proud of you with every new step
Hearing your voice move to words and expressions, so clearly you
Being secretly so proud that you didn’t bend, but stood for what you knew was right, fighting back
Seeing in you already all of the qualities that I had so wished to instill in you
Little glimpses of the man you were going to be starting to peek through
It all ending before it could be realized
I carry you now, forever, as I did at first; you within me, separate but a part of me, always.


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