I’ve come to discover that the toughest question there is is a simple and short one… Why?

For 2 reasons, in my opinion – as always…that’s the only opinion I have, after all…

First, and most easily to be understood, is the fact that the answer to Why? is inherently elusive. It is a subjective question which lends itself to the ability to be answered only by the person who it is being asked of. Which, ultimately, extends to the fact that its answer may very well not be understood by the person asking the question.
Secondly, and far more difficult to expand on, is the fact that is you are asking the question….you can’t answer the conundrum you find yourself presented with by the usual what or how so you are now seeking the “why” to try to make sense of something that is not immediately able to be comprehended.

So let’s add in the factor that the situation is death, and by suicide. You now have the impossibility of not being able to grasp and understand an inconceivable truth and event that HAS happened factored with the reality that the only person who CAN answer the questions is no longer alive to do so….and ….voila! Now we have the day by day existence of the survivors of losing a loved one to suicide.


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