Sunshine and snow

So walking near my house the last couple of days and amazed at the clarity that a simple walk can bring… the way that when you open your eyes to what’s in front of you and see, really see, that you hear what the universe is trying to tell you….
Case in point: beautiful bright sunshine streaming down on the bitterly cold and snow covered ground. Two such extreme and opposing aspects of nature. Existing perfectly together to create an outstanding experience for the senses.
Sunlight bright enough to make the use of sunglasses necessary while at the same time, air cold enough to cause a sharp intake of breath and oh so chilly fingers!
The contrast bringing clearer to me the simple fact that the two extremes can exist closely without either diminishing or enhancing the other. Separate yet intertwined.
In much the same way that grief can exist within life. Slowly awakening to the awareness of the possibility that joy and sorrow can exist side by side. Both having a place but able to co-exist with a balance that allows life to go on and move forward. That experiencing grief and loss doesn’t mean the end of any joy or hope for the future.


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