Signs and truths

Getting through the day by day is hard and sometimes we ask for signs that things will get better, or at least easier….

Emptying the washing machine this morning and found a rock in the bottom after I removed the clothes…not an unlikely occurence with a little boy in the house that is embracing a rock obsession!

It was so much more than just yet another rock that I should have found had I checked his pockets like I know I should (hello crayons through the dryer, that should have been a lesson that stuck). It was a full on slap in the face that we need to keep on doing the little things that are “normal” that are life to us, in whatever form that takes.

His little world has been rocked just like all of us but he still takes the time to stoop and pick up a rock that catches his fancy.

As big a sign as there can be to remember to live and enjoy the old things that made us smile before the universe shifted..and to finally take a chance to experience the things that we always wanted to but put off. No time like the present. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

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