Let the happy face slide

Bright sunshine does not equate warmth…a little life lesson I’ve tried to teach my kids and one I didn’t grasp myself this morning (brrr)…. Very much the same can be said for a smiley face doesn’t equate happiness all the time.

We all do it, and sometimes it’s necessary; we put on the mask and say “fine” when asked how we are because it’s easier than the explanantion. And let’s face it; most of the time that question is asked, the person asking isn’t interested in hearing the answer anyways. So, we put on the happy face and go about our day.

In December I was at an event where this hit home in a big way. It was during a nasty time when my son was in the psychiatric ward and the doctor had pointed out that we were in this for the long haul and I should take some time and re-charge. Willie was safe and cared for so I took their advice and tried to take some “me” time.

I thought I was doing a great job of being my usual bubbly self ;)…. however, about an hour into the evening a friend came over and said “the happy face is slipping darling”. Truer words were never spoken. I just could not keep it up for one more minute. That was the end of the evening for me. One of the few times that I decided that faking it just wasn’t possible.

We all need to remember that there are times we NEED to let that happy face slide and allow those that love us and care about us see that we’re not “fine” or “ok”. It’s when we decide to put the mask on and leave it there that it becomes almost impossible to take it off and receive the help that will ease the burdens we carry.

It’s ok to let the happy face slide when it has to and ask for help and say “no, i’m not ok” … it’s not weak – you’re not a failure – you’re human and you’re not alone.

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